Volume 12 - Spring



Spring Self-Care

Spring is a time of transformations in the environment with new life coming about, while also feeling a sense of newness within yourself. This spring we chose to reflect on ways to provide you with some simple self-care ideas to care for yourself internally. We are usually good at taking care of our outward appearance, while we often overlook our internal mental health. We also provide some quick ideas on how to achieve healthier hair for the coming warmer months. Full of hope and anticipation don't forget to make the most of the season especially when it comes to you!



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10 Simple Ways to Care for your Mental and Physical Health

Spring is here and a great time to make positive changes for yourself. Time to put yourself as a priority, recognize your needs and put into practice simple ways to show love for you! Self-care can be a multitude of things and besides showering, sleeping and eating healthy, what other ways you may ask can you show self-love? Well we have put together 10 important ways which can help you on your self-care journey, without costing a lot of money.

  1. Meditation - Set aside quiet time for yourself. This can be in the form of meditation, where you completely shut yourself off from technology and allow yourself time to zone out and be quiet in your own mind.
  2. Outdoor exercise - Enjoy exercise outdoors. Besides breathing in fresh air and watching nature go at its natural pace, you are releasing everyday mental pressure. Think of it as nature meditation, where you are at one with nature, while providing your body with active nourishment.  This can just be in the form of a walk, hike or jog in the great outdoors.
  3. Stretch – Stretching keeps your joint flexible and helps prevent injury. It leaves the body supple and tones, but also works on your brain.  It has even been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and improve mental health.
  4. Bike riding -  Cycling not only works on your physical health while releasing endorphins. It also keeps the brains white matter fibre tracts intact. It also helps to combat depression and anxiety.
  5. Eat more Plants – Eating nutritious fruits and vegetables boosts mood and physical health. Providing you much needed vitamins needed for everyday function.
  6. Lose the negative self-talk – Compliment yourself and stop being hard on yourself, whether it’s about physical appearance or what you have not accomplished in life. Be proud of who you are and be more kind to yourself. See how far you have come and obstacles you have conquered.
  7. Let go of toxic people – We all have them in our life at some point. These people are physically taxing and be honest with yourself if these people really bring anything positive in your life. Choose positive friends and family while forever letting go of toxic people.
  8. Stop comparing – We are all unique and that is our power. Don’t compare yourself to someone else but learn to praise yourself and others. We are all one ultimately and by praising others we exude positivity which in turn makes ourselves feel terrific. It takes less energy to be positive than it does to be negative.
  9. De-clutter – A cluttered life make for a cluttered mind. By organizing and decluttering our living space we are more at ease and less stressed.  Make time to clean up and donate old goods, while organizing a peaceful living space.
  10. Say “no” to someone – We can’t always be everything for everyone. You need to be able to recognize when demands are too much, and you simply do not wish to take something on. Don’t be afraid to say no. Feel confident that you were able to stand your ground and in control of your life. 





Simple changes for Healthier hair


Getting to the root of your hair problems, is more than getting your regular cut and doing a hair mask. Healthy hair can be attained by what you eat, and how you treat your hair. These simple modifications can help to reverse damage by incorporating daily healthy hair habits.

Ever wonder why your hair may look dull and not have a healthy bounce to it? Unhealthy hair can happen for a variety of reasons, making it important to keep a healthy diet rich in iron and vitamin D. Iron rich foods include: lentils, figs, tofu, sesame seeds and curly kale. While eating iron rich foods consuming vitamin C which can be in the form of a glass of orange juice, works to increase the absorption of iron from your foods. Additional foods which aid in healthy hair growth include:  carrots, salmon, eggs and lean meat.

External ways to address hair damage include being mindful of how hair is tied. Do not pull on the hair once it’s tied up as this causes most of the damage. Since ties can cause breakage try using large clips or ribbons thus putting less strain on the hair. When it comes to brushing or combing hair, do not pull on the hair while brushing. Be gentle when brushing the hair by starting at the bottom working towards the top to work out tangles. Natural bristle brushes are gentler on the hair and reduce static, compared to plastic bristles which can cause harsh damage to hair follicles.

When it comes to grooming hair, ensure you get regular trims and condition the hair especially at the ends while in the shower. Over washing the hair can also contribute to dry, damaged hair.  Give hair a break and try washing every other day, to restore your scalps natural oils. Try nurturing hair treatments such as KerMax Hair Serum. Within 3 months of use a noticeable difference can be seen with hair volume and scalp health.  Applied nightly to areas that are requiring new hair growth or where there is hair thinning, the KerMax Hair Serum combines the power of nature – fruit stem cells, peptide amino acids and botanical extracts. Thus, accelerating scalp and follicle health to reverse the appearance of hair thinning. If medical issues are the cause of hair loss or thinning, be sure to address your hair health concerns with your medical doctor for further assistance. 

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Volume 11 - February





The month of love is upon us, especially love for your loved ones and love for all the feminine beautiful women in our lives.  Time to embrace the beauty of February and all that it offers us. Februarius was named after the Latin term Februum, which means purification.  Keeping in mind the wonderful symbolism of love, purification, and Valentine’s day we will be sharing some lovely DIY tips to show yourself some love.  Beginning with our chocolate lip scrub to say goodbye to winter’s dry lips, then onto our great for hair growth - Chocolate love hair mask.  Feel the love during the purifying month of February!

Sealed with a kiss, 

Club Modèle






Chocolate For Hair Health

To help stop hair loss, try using chocolate! Chocolate is made up of delicious cocoa and is rich in Magnesium. In addition, cocoa adds vibrancy, shine, and volume to hair while promoting hair growth.  To encourage hair growth, the blood circulation is activated in the scalp, so that it stimulates hair follicles to grow.  This all-natural DIY chocolate hair treatment will help hair become thick, silky and help to rejuvenate dry, dull brittle hair. 

  •          Do not use if you are allergic to cocoa products or have blonde hair. 


2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of cocoa butter (optional)

Half a spoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of honey


Put the cocoa butter and coconut oil in a bowl then add the honey.  Warm the mixture up until the ingredients melt, while mixing it.  Finally add the cocoa powder to the mixture and give it another stir to fully mix the ingredients.

Once the mask is ready begin by applying the mixture from the ends up towards your scalp.  To encourage hair growth, make sure to massage the mixture into the scalp.  Leave the mixture on your hair for 15-30 minutes if your hair is a lighter color, for darker hair you can let it stay for 40-60 minutes.  Finally wash the mask out with shampoo and a little conditioner if needed.  To avoid staining clothing, make sure to wear a protective cloth while applying the hair mask.

This mask is only recommended to do once a week.  





Delectable Chocolate Lip Scrub 

With winter comes dry chapped lips. To help exfoliate your lips with a delicious twist, we have this delectable DIY chocolate lip scrub in time for Valentine’s day.  This scrub will help keep your lips smooth and supple. Lip scrubs should not be used more than three times a week, or your lips natural moisture may be stripped. 

Best time to exfoliate is at bedtime, followed up with a great treatment such as the Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment. 


3 tablespoons white granulated sugar 

1 tablespoon cocoa powder 

2 teaspoons olive oil 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 

1 small drizzle of honey 


Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until a paste forms.  If too thin add more sugar, if too thick add more olive oil and honey. Scrub can be stores in a sealed container in refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. For application, apply to lips with a thick application and leave on for up to 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and finally apply the Modele Collagen Lip Treatment.







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Volume 10 - October


Cozy Up to October


Time to fall into the vibrant fall season. We are excited to bring you essential tips to help protect you against the upcoming cooler temperatures. October is also apple month and we have an amazing DIY hair rinse with added tips, offering multiple benefits for your lovely fall tresses. As well we have simple yummy natural ways to moisturize your lips that are sure to brighten your mood during this changing season. Get inspired during this spectacular earthy fall season.  

Sealed with a kiss,

Club Modele



Apple Cider For Hair Health 


October is Apple month and we have a great apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair this month. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing natural and organic topical treatment for a variety of hair issues especially hair loss.

How does apple cider vinegar help with Hair loss?

Apple cider vinegar stimulates better blood circulation to the hair follicles. Which is something that is vital for encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss. This blood carries essential nutrients to the hair follicle cells, strengthening the roots and promoting growth.  The best apple cider vinegar to use is one labeled as natural, organic or unfiltered. As these tend to contain all the bacteria and enzymes that make the vinegar powerful.

How to do a Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

  • Blend together one cup of water with 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar to make rinse.
  • After shampooing and rinsing your hair, slowly pour the mixture over your entire head,making sure to have it run down the     length of your hair. Be careful to not get rinse into your eyes.
  • Massage the mixture into your scalp, which will also help stimulate circulation and hair growth.
  • After 1-2 minutes, rinse out the vinegar.
  • For dry hair, start out with 2 tablespoons per cup of water. For oily hair or dandruff. 3-4 spoons will be good. You can always     adjust to see what works best for you.
  • Hair rinse should be repeated anywhere from once a month to twice a week. Once a week is best for most hair and scalp issues.

More Tips!

Adding Rosemary essential oil to the hair rinse also helps stimulate the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp. Other oils to try are Cedarwood or clary sage essential oil as well stimulates the scalp as well promotes hair growth. When adding essential oils to the apple cider vinegar hair rinse blend two cups of cider vinegar with 5-10 drops of essential oil. Then store in a cool dark place for up to twelve months. When you are ready to use, dilute 2-4 tablespoons of the mix with one cup of water. 

Luscious Lips The Natural Way 


I am sure many people love the beautiful fall season and as well the cooler sunny temperatures of a fall day. The drawback though is that our skin tends to become dry and chapped, especially our lips.  This could be from a number of factors such as allergies, weather or dehydration. Either way nobody enjoys flaky dry skin and the irritation that comes along with it. To help you enter into the fall season we wanted to share with you a few natural tips to keep your lips hydrated. 

  • Cucumbers – Using cut up cucumber slices. Hold them on your lips for 20 minutes. The water from the cucumbers will help to moisturize and replenish dry lips.
  • Green Tea – Use 1 used green tea bag and press it against your lips for at least 4 minutes. You can do this daily so that the moisture content in your lips becomes better.
  • Sugar scrub – Mix a little water with brown sugar to create a lip scrub. By rubbing the mixture on your lips once or a couple times a week, you will exfoliate your lips the natural way!  You       will remove that ugly dry or dead skin from your lips.
  • Jojoba oil – Just use a few drops of Jojoba oil and put on dry lip areas. Leave on for around 15 minutes.
  • Coconut oil – This is a great lip moisturizer! You can warm some up in the microwave and then apply to your lips. This is a great moisturizing natural lip gloss, as it provides a little shine also!
  • Honey and Olive Oil – Mix small amounts of both olive oil and honey together and apply to lips. Leave on overnight and you will have soft and smooth lips in the morning! 



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Volume 9 - Hello September!

Refresh - Restart - Renew

September is the first month of Autumn - a time to rejuvenate your senses.  It is a great opportunity to turn back the clock on aging.  Time to get back to an energetic routine stemming from healthy living and healthy eating. We have great tips for you to gain back vitality into your everyday beauty and overall health routines.  Sit back and read up on our helpful tips to jump start you in time for back to school, and back to work routines.

Sealed with a kiss,

Club Modèle, France 




6 Tips to Renew Daily Routines

Summer is coming to an end and that also means that back to new routines is also here. Possibly summer had you out of your usual health and beauty routines making it somewhat difficult to get back to a healthy routine. With a few simple tips we are to help get you back on track. Back to a renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated you!


1)     Fade Sunspots Or Age Spots 

To fix damage done to your skin from too much sun exposure over the summer, consider using sunscreen to prevent further sun damage. Also be sure to try out our Papaya DIY face scrub as outlined in this month’s newsletter, to hydrate skin and assist in removing dark spots.

2)     Freshen Up Dry Damaged Hair

Considering all the sun damage and long days at the beach this summer, your hair has possibly taken it's toll? No worries as there is a few simple steps you can take to repair your dull damaged tresses. Visit your salon to have a trim or new style, helping to cut out those damaged dried out ends. As well try out the papaya hair mask featured in this month’s newsletter to help moisturize your hair. Helping to make it shiner and healthier. Always use temperate water as hot water is drying to your scalp, skin and hair.

3)     Moisturize your lips

Even though the sun provides us with much needed Vitamin D, the sun can also dry out our lips if not well protected. Keep lips moisturized and protected with a moisturizing lipstick or lip treatment product such as the Modele Lip Collagen Treatment product.  Exfoliate lips at night before bedtime with a paste gently massaged along lips using a soft toothbrush once a week. Paste mix can easily consist of products you have at home such as: baking soda and water. Followed up by using the Modele Lip Collagen Lip Treatment to moisturize the lips after exfoliation. 

4)     Getting into shape

Chances are that over the summer workouts may have been put on the back burner and a little indulging has taken place. No worries as it’s never too late to kick your workouts into high gear and get your sweat on. Need some new inspiration to get you excited about working out again? Why not try getting workouts done in the mornings to give you a fresh start to your day? Try group workouts for extra motivation such as: crossfit, boot camps, yoga, aerobic classes at your local gym, or joining a running/walking group at your local running club. Not ready for a group atmosphere yet? Try hiring a personal trainer to do some one on one workouts with, invest in some at home weights to have at home workouts, or go swimming if that is more your comfort level. Enjoy playing specific sports? Try joining a league specific to a sport you enjoy such as soccer, basketball or volleyball. Whatever your interest may be make time for your health and go for it!

5)     Clean Eating

Summer eating can often lead to excess drinking and eating. In wanting to get back into a healthy routine you can look at making some small changes to get you on your way. Start increasong your water intake throughout the day. Try infused water by adding in strawberry, cucumber, lime and mint to avoid drinking sugary drinks. Keep healthy snacks on hand such as cherry tomatoes, cut up peppers, cucumbers, nuts, edamame, and handy fruits. Most importantly make sure to have a healthy start to your day by eating a breakfast that contains equal amounts of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. For example try adding nuts, omega oil, cinnamon and half an apple to a bowl of oatmeal in the morning for a tasty treat. Either way experiment in making breakfast fun and helping you get that kick start into your mornings.

6)     Workout Hair

With getting back into a regular daily routine, comes morning and afternoon workouts. Followed up often by meetings or a fun outing. To get you going we have some hair styling tips to get you ready. Dry shampoo is a great product to use to freshen up your hair quickly after a workout, that is if you haven’t sweat too much. Dry shampoo can also be used previous to a workout along the hairline to soak up sweat while you workout. To style your hair before a workout try a topknot or a braid. So after your workout you will have some waves once you take the top knot or braids out. In the case you are dripping with sweat, then unfortunately you will need to shower. You can at the very least just rinse your hair and for a quick style try a low sleek ponytail.   





Papaya to Refresh

To obtain the refreshed you after a sunny summer, in addition to considering September is papaya month; we are providing some great papaya facts this month. Along with two yummy papaya beauty recipes using a few healthy ingredients you can find easily at your local grocer. Papaya fruit is normally consumed in juices, salads, desserts or simply on its own with a wedge of lime.  Did you know that papayas provide a great source of Vitamin C, folate, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin E, carotenoids and lycopene? Another great benefit of eating papaya is for the enzyme, papain, which is great for digestion.  The seeds of the papaya fruit are also edible, but keep in mind to eat in only small amounts (1/2 teaspoon) as they have a strong flavor. Tasting more like a cross between mustard and black peppercorns. The large Caribbean or Mexican red papayas are best to consume as they are not genetically modified.

Papaya masks can be used for hydrating the hair nourishing it from root to tip. Considering the amount of beta-carotene papayas contain they are great for battling dry hair, making hair stronger and healthier. Enjoy making the below recipe for healthier renewed hair.

Hair Mask

Ingredients:  1 papaya, Honey, Extra Virgin olive oil

Step 1 – Peel and take out seeds of half a papaya. Then chop up half the papaya.

Step 2 – Next put papaya in food processor. Add a tablespoon of honey and one or two tablespoons of olive oil. Add more oil if your hair is too dry. Blend ingredients until smooth texture is reached.

Step 3 – Once ready pour mixture into a bowl. Rinse hair and apply the papaya mask on damp hair. Focusing more on the tips of your hair. Leave mask on for 30 minutes, then rinse and wash hair as normal.

As well papaya is amazing to achieve beautiful glowing skin. It is great for hydrating your skin, while removing dark spots, blemishes and acne. This recipe will hydrate skin, improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, blemishes, acne, age spots and discolored skin.

Face Mask  

Ingredients: 2 slices of firm papaya, 1 tablespoon of white or brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon honey

Step 1 – Peel and remove seeds from two slices of firm papaya.

Step 2 – Put cut slices into food processor while adding in the sugar and honey. Process until a smooth consistency is reached.

Step 3 – Once scrub is ready apply to face.  Apply to clean skin. Best to apply scrub to face after pores are open perhaps after a shower. Using fingertips apply scrub in circular motion focusing on the parts with most imperfections.

Step 4 – Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Don’t forget to enjoy eatting the rest and also to try the papaya seeds!


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Volume 8 - Healthy Beautiful You!




With summer in full swing, we bring you some hot tips for healthy hair and beautiful lips. With step by step tricks to enhance your natural lip beauty. Also did you know that healthy hair can also be achieved with exercise? Read on to learn more. Also featured this month is the KERMAX™Thickening Hair Serum™ to help you get beautiful fuller healthier looking hair!


Sealed with a kiss,


Club Modèle, France 





All Lips are Beautiful; Tricks to Enhance your

Natural Beauty!


Lips come in all shapes and sizes! Feeling fabulous and embracing your lips can be fast and easy!

How to shape your lips using lip liner:

1)     Create the illusion of a smaller mouth

       -  Use your lip liner to draw on the inside of the lip line

2)     Create the illusion of larger upper lip

      -   Draw the line slightly above the top lip line

3)     Create the illusion of a larger lower lip

      -    Draw your lip line slightly below your bottom lip

4)     Create the illusion of a shorter mouth

      -    Draw the line inside the corners

5)     Create the illusion of a wider mouth

      -    Draw the line slightly outside the corners of the lip line

6)     Create the illusion of a larger mouth

      -    Draw the line outside your entire lip line.


Once your lips are the size you are craving and you’ve picked the perfect lipstick, it’s time to lock in all your hard work with the Modele Magic Lips Lipstick Sealer.  Water, food and kiss proof, Magic Lips will keep you looking great day & night. To compliment your look of keeping your lips plump and moisturized, consider using the Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment as a base at the start of your lip makeover, to have visibly fuller, juicer lips.   

Now your lips are summer proof ready!





Exercise your way to healthier hair!


We all know the benefits of exercise and how great it is for our overall well-being. But did you know that exercise is also incredibly crucial to maintaining healthy hair?

When you’re stressed, which is a leading cause of hair loss, your body produces stress hormones (cortisone). Exercising increases happy hormones (serotonin), which can help save your hair.  So the next time your workload piles up and you feel like pulling out your hair, opt to hit the gym instead and save your hair – literally.

Another benefit of exercise is sweating! Through sweat we rid our body of toxins, flushing them out of our pores, leaving us with radiant skin. And when we sweat from our scalp, it helps unclog the hair follicles, leaving room for new hair to grow! 

Exercising also increases blood flow to our muscles, skin and scalp bringing more nutrients and oxygen to our roots. So even if you’re eating healthy, make sure you’re being active, otherwise you’re depriving your muscles, skin and scalp from those critical nutrients.

Best of all, 30 minutes a day is all you need. The best types of workouts for your body and hair are moderate to high-level cardio (the sweating kind).  


Product of the Month - KERMAX™ Thickening Hair Serum™

According to all hair experts and magazines, serum is a new must-have for all types of hair. Highly concentrate and specifically formulated to repair and protect hair at the same time, it helps you get the smooth, manageable and shiny hair we all dream of. Unlike most serums on the market, KerMax Thickening Hair Serum™ doesn't contain any silicon, so all active ingredients can really penetrate the hair fiber. Result: scalp is nourished and hair healthy! 


KERMAX™ Thickening Hair Serum™ is formulated with KerGro3X™, a synergistic peak-performing bio-complex of Fruit Stem Cells, Peptide Amino Acids, Fruit and Botanical Extracts. It fortifies, thickens and revitalizes receding and thinning hair while nourishing scalp to encourage healthy looking hair.

HOW TO USE Thickening Hair Serum™?

To help reverse the advanced signs of thinning hair and hair loss apply 20-30 drops directly to scalp on dry and damp hair every night until desired results are achieved. With fingertips gently massage applied serum until it has fully absorbed or dried.


KERMAX products contain 10 active ingredients which are blended together in a unique process/delivery system. All of our products are Drug-free, safe for all ethnicities and hair types, free from chemical preservatives, hypoallergenic, gluten free and not tested on animals.

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WHERE TO BUY Thickening Hair Serum™?

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Volume 6 - Inside Outside Beauty



Oh Baby, Where’s My Hair

Pregnancy Hair Loss

With the warmer weather approaching it means blooming gardens, sunshine and…a boom of babies! Did you know that most babies in North America are born in the spring and summer?

Babies are a source of joy, love, fun and oh yeah, stress. As much as we love them sometimes they make us want to pull our hair out. Hair loss can also happen as a result of childbirth.

During this time of dramatic hormonal changes, a normal hair growth cycle can become disorganized. Typically, while pregnant your hair remains locked in the resting stage of the growth cycle, and after delivery, when hormones return to normal levels, so too does your hair growth cycle. The average hair loss that was delayed during pregnancy may come all at once post-partum, resulting in a cascade of hair loss.

Another cause of hair loss can be nutritional deficiencies, such as low iron levels. During pregnancy it is common to develop mild anemia as your body struggles to provide enough healthy red blood cells to you and your baby. This coupled with swinging hormone levels make post-partum hair loss a common struggle for many new moms.

When looking for ways to treat hair loss as a result of pregnancy you can find yourself limited, as many over-the counter treatments contain substances that are not safe to use while nursing or pregnant, as they could pose a potential risk to your baby.

KerMax uses a drug-free formula with Natural Active Ingredients that is completely safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. It starts to work within one week providing lasting results when used as directed.


Have a beautiful day!


Club Modèle, France 



Are you getting enough from your daily routine?

Healthy Food

Our health is largely impacted by the nutritional quality of our diet and the efficiency of our digestion of the nutrients we eat. If we’re not getting the right nutrients, and digesting them properly for our bodies to absorb, our health is compromised and that includes scalp and hair.

However, with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine, you can give yourself the best opportunity for looking and feeling great.

Breakfast = Protein time

Your hair is made of 90% protein, so if your diet is lacking in easy-to- digest protein, your hair will suffer. ~ Heather Williams,

Breakfast is an easy time to add that protein kick that your body and hair need for the full day ahead. Eggs are the common choice, for their nutritional value, ease of use and possible combinations. However, if you aren’t a fan of eggs or just want something different, why not try a spinach and kale smoothie made with almond milk, or a Greek yogurt mixed with hemp and chia seeds. All excellent sources of protein and easy to grab and go.

Lunch = time to B5 healthy

Vitamin B5 supports the adrenal glands, which helps stimulate hair growth. ~ Dr. Josh Axe

Vitamin B5 is an essential vitamin required by the body for cellular processes and a healthy lifestyle. And while our morning routine may already include great sources of B5, such as your mushroom and cheese omelette (all three are high in B5), at lunch eating some avocado, legumes, or nuts supports a healthy intake of Vitamin B5.

Dinner = pump that Iron

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the U.S., and several studies have found that an iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. ~ Dr. Josh Axe

For women during the menstruating life stage it is important to include iron rich foods in your diet. This is because most of the iron is eliminated during the monthly cycle. From muscle weakness to signs of a hormone imbalance, iron plays a critical role in our bodies during this time. However, post menopausal women should consume little to no iron because iron accumulation remains in the body and is not eliminated.

So what are some dinner time foods that have iron?

Grass fed beef is a good source of iron with approximately 2 milligrams per 3 ounces. However, Liver (yes we know) is the champ with an average of 9.5 milligrams per 4 ounces. White beans, lentils, duck and even blackstrap molasses are also good sources of iron.

Remember to always consult with your physician if you have any questions or health concerns, or want advice on the best foods for your optimal health.




How to Create Plump and Sexy Lips in 3 Easy Steps

Nothing makes you feel sexier than perfectly smooth and full lips. Get your dream lips with these simple tips!

1 – Get hydrated

Lipstick or gloss will always last longer on smooth, perfectly hydrated lips! Start with a soft exfoliation, using a dry toothbrush, gently brushing your lips with it. Too hard for your lips? Add a bit of lip balm on the brush itself. Finish by applying a coat of lip balm to condition your lips (try our Collagen Lip Treatment for fuller lips in no time).

2 - Shape up!

Whether using lipstick or gloss in a light or dark colour, you should always use a liner. First, it allows you to easily enhance your natural lip line. Second, it makes lipstick last longer.

Extra tip: for dramatic volume, choose a liner one to two shades darker than the colour of your lipstick or gloss!

3 - Colour away!

Applying lipstick properly will keep it from smearing, caking or vanishing and will make your lips look even more fabulous. Start at the centre of your lips and brush the lipstick outward. Using a lipstick brush will allow for even more precision and a uniform application, allowing you to blend liner and lipstick easily.

The final touch: add a bit of gloss or a touch of a lighter coloured lipstick in the middle of your bottom lip; playing with the light is the key to glamourous lips! 




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Volume 5 - Spring Transformations

Spring is all about transformation – trees begin to blossom, caterpillars morph into butterflies, and you can turn into your best self! We encourage you to deep clean your life and start embracing change. This month we are changing with you. Enjoy our newsletter facelift!
Sealed with a kiss,

Club Modéle, France



Spring is in the (H)air

If there is ever a season to try out a new hairstyle, its Spring. The sweltering heat of summer often leaves hair a mess and hard to manage. What better time to practice styling your new do than Spring! Find a style that is decidedly low-maintenance and start perfecting that wash-and-wear look. Spring hair trends have finally arrived. See our tops picks below.

The Choppy Bob

Looking for a trendy, low-maintenance hair cut for summer? The Choppy Bob is perfect. Ask your stylist for a soft fringe and an A-Line shag that hits your collarbone. The grow-out is very natural on this haircut, unless you want to keep your length – no need to see your stylist!


This is a cut that any stylist should be able to pull off. It looks great with any length of hair - just be sure the layers are kept long and tailored to your texture (or it could look a little shag)! We recommend bringing in a photo of exactly what you want.

Icy Blondes

The sun naturally lightens hair, what better time to go lighter than now? Icy Blond is a combination of ashy and silver tones, staying on the cooler side of blonde. Ask your stylist for “Pale Babylights” which are baby-fine, foiled highlights in an icy shade just a little richer than platinum.

KerMax Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner are safe for natural and colour treated hair, transforming fine hair into visibly fuller looking hair. The secret to any great haircut, style and colour is a healthy base. KerMax is an effective; easy-to-use and affordable over-the-counter line of products that helps safely reverse the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss and makes new hair regrowth possible. 



Springtime calls for a simple Seasonal Detox

Spring is the perfect season for transformation (we will spare you the “caterpillar to butterfly” comparison). After being mostly indoors for the past few months, breathing in poor air quality, being exposed to less sunlight, and perhaps being less active than usual – a Spring cleanse is due!

Regular detoxes are a great way to increase energy, reduce hormonal imbalances, improve digestion, normalize blood pressure, sharpen mental ability, improve sleep, clear up skin and many other benefits.

Here are a few of our easy tips to kick start your Spring:

  • 1 - Drink lots of water with lemon: This helps to clean out your liver and prepare your system for digestion.
  • 2 - SLEEP! The body repairs over night. So it’s very important to give yourself lots of time to recuperate and rest.
  • 3 - Walk, Run, Stretch, in other words – get outside and get moving. Spending as little as 15 minutes moving can increase life expectancy by three years.**
  • 4 - Leafy Greens – an extra 1-3 handfuls a day will add substantial fibre, Vitamin C and K, Iron and Calcium to your diet.




Channel Spring Throughout the Week

The days are longer, the nights are warmer, time to finally get outside and enjoy the fresh air. By keeping a few essential products in your purse, you’ll be channeling spring throughout the week!


#1 Monday Morning Meeting

Finding the right shade of blush is pretty simple. The key is to go with a blush that matches the colour your cheek naturally turns when you pinch it.
For an effortlessly chic style that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, try a relaxed bun that’s perfectly undone.
Use the Modele Collagen Lip Treatment for lipstick-free lips to achieve a fuller look. Perfect for those low-maintenance Mondays

#2 After-Work Cocktails with Colleagues

Find a pair of heels that matches the arch in your foot and leave a pair under your desk for those unexpected after-work wine dates.|
Channel your inner Adele and throw on some simple wings and you are good for any scenario.
Make feathering and colour bleeding disappear with Anti-Wrinkle Lip Defining Pencil. Perfect to use alone or with your favourite lipstick shade!

#3 Weekend Date Night

No need to worry about your favourite lipstick colour bleeding or feathering with Modele Magic Lips Lipstick Sealer. It seals your lipstick leaving your lips water, food and kiss proof.
Finally, the best accessory for any date (friend or otherwise) is feeling good about oneself! Wear something that makes you feel good, and give yourself enough time to get ready so you aren’t rushing.




Volume 2 - 5 Easy ways to stop hair loss

5 easy ways to stop hair loss

Hair loss -- the term immediately brings to mind the standard image of a balding, middle-aged man. But hair loss doesn't discriminate when it comes to age or gender. In fact, the largest demographic that suffers from hair loss is women, women of all ages and ethnicities. Thinning hair and hair loss in women can take and major toll on the sufferer’s self esteem and emotional well being. KerMax is here to help! Check out our top five easy ways to help stop loss at home.


Coconut Oil

This wonder oil has gained massive popularity amongst health food enthusiasts and beauty experts and like for its moisturizing properties and nutrient density. Massaging coconut oil into the scalp regularly keeps strands protected from environmental damage and deeply moisturized from root to tip.

Hair regrowth , hair loss  - Vitamins

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and it starts from the inside out! If maintaining a balanced diet is difficult due to your busy lifestyle, make sure to give your body what it needs to support your hair by taking vitamin supplements.


Oil for hair loss solution

Egg whites and olive oil are jam packed with minerals and proteins. A hair mask made from one egg white and one teaspoon of olive oil delivers these proteins and minerals to the hair when left on the scalp for 15 minutes. Make sure to use cool water when rinsing the mask off.

Hair Protection


Help your hair out  by protecting it from external stressors like humidity and pollution by tying it up or covering it with a scarf when outdoors. Avoid using flat irons and blow dryers when styling your hair as the heat these tools create can damage already fragile hair. Frequent colouring also puts added strain on your hair -- consider going natural!


Kermax Hair care products


KerMax. The KerMax line if hair care products have been carefully designed and created to care for women with thinning hair and hair loss. Regular, daily use of our hair care and styling products is the fastest way to see a reversal of hair loss. 


KerMax is here to bring  back your healthy, full head of hair!



Yours Sincerely,



Maria Lalla 

Modéle Laboratories, France



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The New Club Modele..and ReIntro 30% Savings Offer

Exciting happenings have taken place here at Club Modele this past year and I'm finally ready to share the news.  The Modele Laboratories, France have introduced a new haircare innovation - KerMax Clean, Treat and Style formulas.  If you, or someone you know, has the appearance of thinning hair or hair loss then you will want to try the KerMax experience.  Visit the website to get more information and to Meet Real Women - See Real Results video interviews with KerMax users.


KerMax products can be found online at, on store shelves in the USA at CVS Pharmacies and in Canada exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and PharmaPrix.


As a loyal Modele customer in the past, or a new Club Modele member this month, I would like to present to you a very special offer. For a limited time only you can save 30% on your next Modele product purchase. This is an online special offer only, and for a limited time ending September.15th/2015. Make sure you or a friend are registered as a Club Modele member. Click here for Club Modele


As always, I would love to hear your experience with any Modele Products and now, new KerMax Hair Care products.


Yours Sincerely,



Maria Lalla 

Modéle Laboratories, France








Not Just for Kissing 

Lips...amazing for kissing and essential for whistling, eating and speaking.  However, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex clinical studies point to a fact that big lips for women are better.  That's not all - shape may also be important also.  In some scientific circles it has been reported that women with a prominent shape of the upper lip are better able to achieve vaginal orgasm.  Wow! Lucky you know about Modele Collagen Lip Plumpers.  Looking forward to reporting on more fun lip facts in future mailings.







Club Modele Points - How It Works


Collect, Earn and Redeem Club Modele Points Now!

It's Easy. Here's How:

  1. When you purchase a Modele or KerMax Hair Care product you'll find a Club Modele card inside the carton. It's a unique Product Identification Number (PIN). This becomes your PIN. The PIN card looks like this - 
  2. You can click here to register this PIN and to create your personal account at Club Modele. 
  3. You only need to register once, but, you do need to register your purchase of product each time to collect your points.
  4. You can view your reward points status at any time when you log onto your account.
  5. Each Club Modele Rewards Points earned is equal to $1.00 retail value on your next purchase of Modele or KerMax products.  If you have purchased KerMax Hair products your points earned can be applied to Modele and KerMax products. 
  6. Here are some examples of reward point earnings. Example - Collagen Lip Treatment - 3 points, Anti-Wrinkle Lip Pencil - 3 points, Kermax Shampoo - 2 points, Kermax Conditioner - 2 points.
  7. You can use your Club Modele Reward Points at the checkout in the payment method page at








We are excited to introduce our new groundbreaking line of hair care products KerMax to Clean, Treat and Style. Don't forget to watch our video testimonials of real women with real results. Discover and learn how the KerMax line of products can work for you to love your hair again at 







Be sure to check out our new website. Keep up to date with Modele products and news. 




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