About Us

We make products designed for your real beauty concerns in mind. Here you will find lip product essentials, all scientifically formulated and essential to your daily lip routine.

Modèle was founded in 2003, inspired by the laid-back French ideal of natural beauty which is effortlessly gorgeous. Modèle is a leading lip care brand known around the world for it's superior quality, and the first lip plumper on the market the Modèle Lip Collagen Treatment.

Modèle is committed to bringing you effective solutions to fight the visible signs of aging. Through intensive research, the innovative scientists at Modèle laboratories found a unique combination of four Amino Acids, in varying strengths and which form clusters that penetrate deep into the skin's cellular level. The breakthrough Amino Acid formulas, exclusive to Modèle, create smoother, moisturized-looking lips that show fewer visible signs of aging after ongoing use. Most of all we believe that beauty is about having fun, letting your light shine and living effortlessly with love, wherever your path leads you in life.