A New Natural Solution to Thinning Hair

02 / July

Post-baby hair loss is the worst thing ever.  You have all this hair, and then suddenly you don’t.  A shake of the head results in tons of hair falling out, and a simply hair wash means even more hair gone.  It drove me nuts to watch it all go down the drain, so when I heard about Kermax, I wanted to try it.

Kermax is different from the ever popular Nioxin because it contains natural ingredients to help take care of your hair.  It also focusses on good hair and scalp hygiene to combat hair loss.  The best way to promote hair growth is to have a clean and healthy scalp, and Kermax’s Volumizing shampoo ($24.99) washes clean, but doesn’t dry out your hair either.  It’s best paired with the Volumizing Conditioner ($24.99) which is super hydrating and leaves hair soft and silky so that it doesn’t tangle as easily.

There’s no crazy claims with this brand – the packaging is simple and it simply promises that you’ll love your hair again, and it’s true.  I loved how my hair felt after using the shampoo and conditioner, and so I’ve been using them for the last four weeks.

I’m also using the Kermax Thickening Serum ($49.99) which you apply directly on your scalp and rub in with your fingertips.  It’s made a difference and I believe it helps my hair actually stay on my head.

Kermax is totally new to the haircare scene and so you won’t see it at your local drugstore.  You can find out more about the products online and also purchase them on the website.  Right now, you can find it exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix) in Canada, and at CVS in the U.S. 


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