What results can I expect by using Modèle lip care products?

Modèle lip treatments are formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging. Modèle users can expect to see an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the lip area. Along with an improvement in lip tone and softness.

How quickly will I see results with Modèle lip care products?

With regular use, results from Modèle lip care treatment products will be visible within 30 days. With Modèle Quick Result products, results can be seen within minutes.

Are Modèle lip care products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Modèle lip treatments are formulated to be gentle and non-irritating. However, a spot test is always recommended, particularly on extremely sensitive skin. If Modèle products cause significant irritation, it is advised that their use be discontinued.

Are Modèle lip care products tested on animals?

No, Modèle lip treatments are tested in clinical trials on humans. Neither finished products nor raw ingredients are tested on animals.

Where does Modèle get its amino acids?

Modèle’s amino acids are derived from plant sources.

Do all Modèle lip care products contain amino acids?

No, not all Modèle products contain amino acids. The specific ingredients and formulations in each product depend on the unique treatment it is designed to provide.

Where are Modèle lip care products made?

Modèle lip treatments are made exclusively in Europe, in France and the US, to the highest pharmaceutical-grade standards.

How do I store Modèle anti-aging skincare products?

Modèle lip treatments should be stored away from direct sunlight and kept away from extreme heat or cold.