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Sealed Lipstick Sealer

Sealed Lipstick Sealer

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Clinically proven to:
  • Seal, protect, prolong lipstick for 8 hours
  • Eliminate feathering, bleeding of lipstick
  • Be kiss, wine and food proof

Directions for application: Apply lipstick and blot lightly with a tissue. Apply 2 to 4 generous coats of Lip Sealer. Keep lips apart for 20 seconds. Avoid pressing lips together for 1 minute. Avoid eating, drinking and kissing for 20 minutes. Clean and remove with soap and water or any makeup remover. For best results, use Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment as a base for your lipstick for more plump, moist lips.

Tested on humans, not animals.

Ethanol sda 3c, ethyl cellulose, butyl stearate, rosin, benzoin, fragrance.

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